...a kommunikálható tudás I ...the communicable knowledge

Company History - brief

1999 - Szabó Ákos and Szabó Gergő establish Médiabó Tanácsadó Kft (Médiabó Consulting Plc.), the forerunner and present partner of Educomm Communications.

2002 - Médiabó Kft. launches Médiabó/Educomm e-Learning Programme (e-Oktatási Program) in which thousands of people can learn English and German in an online system based on e-mail messages.

2004 - Educomm Communications (Educomm Kommunikációs Bt.) is established. Audio materials of the e-learning programme are ready.

2005 - Headset e-Language School (Headset eNyelviskola) starts, where Médiabó organizes online language lessons based on the pattern of traditional private lessons. At that time people can learn not only English and German but nearly every language.

2006 - Educomm Communications takes over the language teaching branch of Médiabó.

2008 - Educomm Communications takes over the  translation-interpreting branch of Médiabó.

2009 - Educomm opens the first online language school, Educomm Eduverzum Virtual Language School (Educomm Eduverzum Virtuális Nyelviskola) whose users can learn English and German free of charge. Eduverzum is continuously improving and developing meanwhile it helps learners with advanced learning support functions.

2010 - Eduverzum's community portal, eduCOMMunity, is opened; it supports community learning in a way that learners can find and meet one another more easily and communicate more actively utilizing the opportunities provided by Eduverzum and the Internet.

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