...a kommunikálható tudás I ...the communicable knowledge

Educomm's Team

Full-time colleagues

CSATHÓ, Andrea

Csathó Andrea
teacher of English, translator

Andi is a teacher of English by profession, her versatility is proven by her qualifications such as a degree in International Marketing and a Master of Education degree obtained at the University of Manchester. She became a member of Educomm Communications in September, 2010. She is an extremely hard-working, creative and experienced colleague who, beyond her language tasks, plays a role in planning and strategic decisions. Eduverzum learners like her because she is always happy, very objective and well-experienced while our translation partners underline her advanced linguistic competence.


Szántó Réka

Réka has been devotedly working on the development of Educomm Communications since 2004. Her main tasks involve keeping contacts and administration but she is also good at editing audio materials and performing complex web operations. She is extraordinarily conscientious, reliable and precise and learns very fast.

Nagy Dénes
CEO and project manager

He represents the management of Educomm Communications. Since October 2008 he has been both the CEO and the manager of the translation projects. He is always busy making and keeping contact with business partners, managing financial matters as well as creating, developing and coordinating the implementation of new ideas; that is supporting the company's development.

Ruschel Erika

Ruschel Erika
finance and accountancy

For a company it is inevitable to have a certified book keeper who finds the way out in the labirinth of legal provisions, rules and regulations. She knows the nitty-gritty of the Hungarian legal environment, from the necessary invoices to the prohibitions and potential traps. We like and  appreciate her because she is very precise and always up-to-date thus making our life and work much easier. 

Wallner Ádám

Wallner Ádám
programmer and system administrator

Ádám has been with us since November, 2008. He is a programmer and system administrator. A professional expert, for whom it means no difficulty to read complex source codes and get in tune with the project owner. He is very careful and precise in tracking changes of developments, making it simple to trace back when and what happened in Educomm systems. 


Our company keeps in touch with several hundreds of professional experts of different nationalities in various fields of interest.

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